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Here are my other writing projects.  Several books have been 'in the wind' for awhile now, waiting for the release of  Vancouver's Women in Blue.  Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming releases.

Doin it our way - round trip to the Sea
Doin’ it our way... round trip to the Sea of Cortez

In late August 2011 two women and a small dog set off in their 32’ sailboat to sail south from Maple Bay, British Columbia. They didn’t know exactly where they would end up but after years of training and preparation they, and an abundance of gear, set off on the adventure of a lifetime. 


Doin’ it our way  will tell of their readiness, their excitement and angst, the challenges they faced while preparing, and the sheer exhilaration of casting off and heading into the unknown. The pages will progress through their journey down the coast and their adventures in the 'Sea'. You will find stories of wonderment at Mother Nature's gifts, the sheer terror at her wrath, and the satisfaction of surviving the challenges of such a journey. The book will also include articles and information about lessons learned on the journey down and while sailing in the Sea of Cortez.  Many photos from their adventures will be included.

Baja Bound - 386 x 500 + frame.jpg
Baja Bound


Planning tips and information for the south-bound cruiser. (2003)


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